The Beggars Club Prequels

The Beggars Club. Six friends from Eton, bound by friendship, war, happiness, and hardship.

These compelling, first-person prequels to the series novels, told in each character’s own point-of-view, provide you with a glimpse of the challenges and struggles they face before their real stories even begin.

Can Nate keep a promise to his family to protect his brother during war? Will Susannah regret putting her faith in Nate? Find out in “Protect: Nate and Susannah,” prequel to “His Lady to Protect,” out now.

Tradwick’s life has been spent trying to salvage the dishonor brought on by his parents. Can he possibly repair it? Catie wants only to be wanted…but what happens when her misguided actions have scandalous consequences? See what transpires in “Honor: Tradwick and Catie,” prequel to “His Lady to Honor,” coming in 2024.

Book cover of “The Beggars Club: A Prequel Collection” showing a blonde woman in a long, purple gown being embraced by a gentleman in white shirt and dark breeches.

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