His Lady To Honor

The Beggars Club, Book 2

Bound by duty, caught between honor and desire…

The last thing Sir Philip Tradwick wants to do is hunt down the Duke of Wellington’s missing goddaughter. But if he fails at this mission, he can bid his hard-earned promotion a fond farewell. Fortunately, bringing her home to her father shouldn’t be challenging. Keeping the scandalous—and maddeningly beautiful—young lady from stealing his heart, however, might just prove impossible.

Lady Catherine Jenico has no interest in romance. Being ruined by a rake and banished in the wake of a pregnancy scandal effectively rid her of any childish romantic notions she’d ever had. Her only desire now is to find the baby that was stolen from her. He’s all that matters. Except…she never anticipated how beguiling the agent ordered to bring her home would be…

It’s not long before Tradwick realizes there’s much more to Catherine than meets the eye—and Catherine realizes there are still men of honor left in the world. But when all is said and done, will their love be strong enough to overcome all that stands between them?

His Lady to Honor is the second book in The Beggars Club series, centered around six friends from Eton and set in the infamous Regency period.

Coming in 2024.

Book cover of “His Lady to Honor” by Justine Covington, showing a handsome, shirtless man looking at the reader as he is embraced from behind by a woman wearing an off-the-shoulder dress while she rests her head on his bare shoulder.

Coming in 2024

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