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The Beggars Club

Meet six friends from Eton, calling themselves the Brotherhood of Eton Graduates, or Beggars Club, who have formed fast friendships that have withstood war and adversity, and who now depend upon each other to navigate the next chapters in their lives.

His Lady to Protect  |  His Lady to Honor   |   His Lady to Defend
His Lady to Desire   |   His Lady to Love   |   His Lady at Last

His Lady to Protect

For years, Nate Kinlan, Earl of Rainsford, has played double-agent, ingratiating himself with Captain Cressingham, suspected traitor and Napoleon sympathizer. When Cressingham offers up his niece, Susannah, to any man willing to surrender her dowry in support of Napoleon, Nate steps forward. Never mind that he hasn’t seen her in years, because marriage allows him to fulfill a secret promise to her brother, his best friend and fellow Beggar, to protect her. After the wedding, Nate need only follow the money trail to France. Until then? Maintain his subterfuge. But when Nate sees Susannah, now a beautiful and desirable young woman, things get…complicated.

Even more so, Susannah is no willing bride. At least not with Nate as her groom. The man broke her trust—and her heart—by failing to keep her brother safe. But Susannah has her own promise to keep to her sister. She agrees to Nate’s outrageous offer in exchange for finding her sister and returning her to England. But Nate’s kisses stir her blood and she learns he’s not quite the liar she thought. When Cressingham threatens not only her future, but Nate’s life, she must decide whether to give up the search for her sister or save the man she loves.

Coming in 2019!

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