About Justine

Sometimes, a Girl Just Wants Help

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to writing (and reading) romance. Not that I have anything against competent women who can do for themselves, who know their potential, and who go for what they want. In fact, I AM one of those women, trying to make a career out of writing while raising two kids, taking care of two pets, and managing a household as a single parent.

It means I DO a lot…from helping with homework to shuttling kids around to fixing leaky toilets. Sometimes, though, I just want another person to do the shuttling/fixing/installing for me, without me having to write a check.

That’s where my heroes come in…both the ones I read and the ones I write.

Without a doubt, I admire heroines that are self-sufficient, capable women. And I like it when their heroes understand, accept, and especially celebrate that. But in my mind, what better way to show your love for a lady than to do something for her?

Mr. Darcy is the model of helping-without-smothering. He herds Mr. Wickham into respectability, paying off the man’s debts and ensuring he marries Lydia. But he didn’t do it for Wickham. His actions were a demonstration of his love for Elizabeth. And he even tried to keep it from her! *swoon*

I hope you enjoy the heroes (and heroines) I’m crafting in my books, and that in each, you find “a dab of Darcy and a pop of passion.“

Photo of author smiling, arms akimbo, wearing a teal dress and chunky stone necklace. Justine has curly, shoulder-length brown hair and dark eyes.
Justine fell in love with the Regency when her grandmother introduced her to Johanna Lindsey at age fourteen (thank you, Grandma!). Twenty-five years later, Justine decided it was time to write the Regency historicals she loves, rather than simply read them. When not writing, Justine enjoys ballroom dancing, reading, playing games that make her mind work, and spending time with her family. The desert southwest is her home, where she lives with her two teenage boys and mini-Schnauzers Chewie and Chopper.

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